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Ram-punching is the most efficient and cost-effective technology for large runs of shaped labels, credit cards or playing cards. This system is particularly suitable for paper, plastic and aluminum substrates. Counter-pressure punching tools are used to avoid inaccuracies in large-scale or complex materials and for soft or slippery materials (IML products). In both cases, perfect results depend on precisely manufactured and sharpened punching tools.

Beverage industry

The beverage industry mostly uses offset or gravure printing technologies to print very large runs of labels on wet-strength paper. Typical applications include labels for beer, soft drink and mineral waters. Thanks to our long-standing experience in developing tools for wide ranges of paper-based materials, Stamfag is now able to produce highly complex tool shapes using ram-punch technology.

Credit- and playing card industry

Credit and ID cards in credit card format or playing cards, made of PVC, PC or coated cardboard, are the daily companions for us humans today. Stamfag has enormous experience in cutting multi-layered materials and produces top-standard tools for these applications.

Pharmaceutical and medical industry

Hygiene plays a crucial role in this industry. For punching operations in clean rooms, we use stainless full steel punching tools (INOX), most of the tools are multiple-tools which comply with the highest clean room standards and used on flatbed die-cutters.

Food industry

Most foodstuffs, such as yogurt or cream cheese, are packaged in stamped aluminum or IML (In-mould) materials. The manufacture of this materials involves complex processes which also make significant demands on the punching tools. In cooperation with the world’s leading packaging manufacturers, Stamfag has developed revolutionary tools.

Plastic industry

Plastics and related products are gaining importance in mechanical engineering and tool-building. Production costs decline substantially when large volumes are die-cut. This is an important argument choosing Stamfag tools and benefit from our extensive experience.

Books- and Brochure industry

Use Stamfag tools to get children’s books, folded and stapled brochures into shape. Depending on the form and thickness of the material, you could produce large quantities using ram-punch technology. We are happy to advise you and test your products on an existing Stamfag test tools before you decide to buy such a cost efficient die.

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