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We also offer a range of related products and services. Why not benefit from our expertise and ideas, tools and accessories or advice and services if you want to find the most efficient, flexible, cost-effective and safe approach to carrying out your punching operations.

Waste slitters

The waste slitters holders are screwed to the punching tool base. Customers determine the number and position of the slitters which are then adjusted to the cutting material and the Punching machine. Both waste slitters and holders can be bought separately.

DMS-16 pressure measuring system

Complex, and therefore expensive punching tools are particularly prone to breakage if the cutting waste dos not fall cleanly from the tool or the tool loses its sharpness. The cost of tool repairs, crown replacements, transport, downtime and delayed deliveries is a powerful argument in favor of buying a DMS system. In case of a tool crown overload, up to 4 integrated pressure sensors embedded in the tool’s sensitive spots switch the punching machine off in milliseconds to avoid possible breakage. The DMS control allows for digital data, including tool number, production figures, pressure data relating to declining sharpness, machine strokes, etc., can be analyzed via the network. The DMS unit is tool-related a and independently applicable to all your punching machines.

Blowing Unit BU-1014

Using a BU-1014 blowing unit with high air pressure to remove waste material from the punching tool enhances the safety, efficiency and clean operation of your punch press.

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