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Thanks to our longstanding experience, we’re able to provide competent advice in all matters relating to punch through and counter-pressure die-cutting.

Important is the right choice of tool quality: The higher the number of products the greater the demands on the tool. High-quality punching tools may cost more to purchase but work out significantly cheaper when it comes to long runs. Use our tool quality comparison diagram to see the difference.

With higher quality tools requiring less re-sharpening and replacing of crowns or complete dies, machine downtimes are substantially reduced especially on automatic punching machines.



Around 25 years ago, Stamfag came up with a new generation of revolutionary, easy-to-service CROWN die-cutters. Consisting of an aluminum body and a steel or carbide cutting crown, these high-performance Swiss precision tools are used all over the world. Experts still refer to our crown die-cutter as “the Original”.


The crown die-cutting tool is composed of an aluminum body; the crown, which is made from tempered tool steel or tungsten carbide, is glued according to a special process. Adjustable waste cutters (slitter knives) are screwed to the aluminum body. Both the slitters and their holders can be reused when the crown needs to be replaced.

Crowns replacement

Stamfag crown tools can be re-sharpened up to 20 times. Only then will the crown be replaced and the aluminum base reused. The punching knife is new, the serial number remains the same and refers to the original production data of the tool.

An enormous advantage of the crown tools is, if necessary a worn crown can be replaced with a higher value crown! This means; a S5 crown can be replaced with an S10 or even Stamdur crown, compare material performance at Crown Die-Cutting-Tools.

Composite material as hard as gemstone

Higher-quality crown material means that the crown needs to be re-sharpened less frequently and can be used for longer periods. For very large runs, we recommend die-crowns made from tungsten carbide, a composite material with a very high hardness degree and the performs will be several times more than tool steel.

Full steel punching tools

Today, the packaging industry increasingly relies on composite, multi-layer and reusable materials which require suitable dies for punching: For challenging shapes, aside from crown die-cutters, we also engineer and manufacture punching tools from tempered full steel. Classic, stable and precision tools that have regained importance in recent years.

Cutting geometry is crucial

Given the customized design of Stamfag punching tools, the cutting geometry can be precisely adjusted to the properties of the cutting material. Not only are cutting edges under less pressure, this also significantly enhances the punching quality and performance of the tools.

Punching tools are the heart of the cutting process

Even the most efficient punching machine is only as good as its punching tool. The latter determines precision, optimal cut, dimensional accuracy, performance and production costs. Stamfag punching tools are suitable for all common ram-punch and counter-pressure machines.

Product data sheet

Stamfag designs the appropriate tool for your application. Simply compare the different punching tool versions and qualities on the product data sheet. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Show PDF

Die-cutter cost comparison tool

If you want to find out which die-cutter quality is the most cost-effective for your application, simply use our Die-cutter cost comparison tool to check out different versions. The comparison tool will show you on the spot which product works out most cost-effective for your specific run. Show tool

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